Harry potter is trans-what part II

sorry for the long wait

So… a week turned into a month. And a month turned into … well, more time. But her it is (finally) the promised part 2 of the Harry Potter transmedia posts.

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Me when I realized I promised to post again within a week.

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Harry Potter is trans-WHAT?

So one of the main reasons we are interested in Harry Potter (apart from the general awesomeness of the whole franchise) is its transmedia qualities. And as some of you may have noticed, our last two blog posts mentioned someone named Henry Jenkins. He is a scholar who, for some time, has worked on developing the concept of transmedia storytelling.


Transmedia storytelling is the art of telling a story using multiple media platforms to tell different (mostly) independent parts of the story. Transmedia storytelling is ideal for stories that require a high degree of world building. One of the most famous examples is Continue reading Harry Potter is trans-WHAT?